Sakina Abdou

Saxophones, recorder

A versatile musician, Sakina Abdou has been involved in the life of musicians’ collectives in the Lille area since the age of 14, exploring jazz, free improvisation and experimental music. At the same time, she studied recorder (early music/ contemporary), saxophone (classical/contemporary/jazz), visual arts (DNAP, DNSEP) and pedagogy (DE).

Advancing head-on in broad and eclectic aesthetic fields, his career path still leads him to survey the paths of written and improvised music with flexibility and a definite taste for encounters.

Since 2019, she has been devoting herself to her concert activity, multiplying her projects and exporting herself on a national and international scale.

Invited by the New York label « Relative Pitch Records » and supported by the « Face Foundation », she recorded her first solo, Goodbye Ground, in 2022, which she toured on two continents. Selected by "The Bridge", she deepens her connection with the USA through a Franco-American encounter project with Ugochi Nwaogwugwu and Coco Elysees, both from AACM in Chicago, Julien Pontvianne and Julien Chamla.

In 2023, she joins Camel Zekri’s Hamma quintet alongside Claude Tchamitchian, Guylaine Cosseron and Eric Echampard, and pianist Bruno Angélini’s "Lotus Flower" trio currently in preparation alongside German saxophonist Angelika Niescier. Of Franco-Nigerian origin, she is about to embark on a collaboration with drummers from Niger and flutist Yacouba Moumouni, under the auspices of CNCM Athénor.

She also expresses herself in the porous, poetic writing of Eve Risser’s "Red Desert Orchestra", the post-M-Base chiseling of "11H11" the Maloya free jazz of Stéphane Hoareau’s "Grand Sorcier" and the spatialized groove of Théo Girard’s "Pensées rotatives" (Paris). She delves into the jazz and traditional music of Kristof Hiriart and Jérémie Ternoy’s "Organik Orkestra" (Nord/Pays Basque), the minimalist repetitive music of Jérémie Ternoy’s "Ça commence par la marche" (Lille) and the avant-garde pop of the Moger Orchestra (Bretagne).

In 2007, she joined the "Muzzix" collective with the orchestra "La Pieuvre" directed by Olivier Benoit, where she met artists such as Satoko Fujii, Guigou Chenevier, Kasper Toeplitz, Michael Pisaro, Anthony Pateras, Tom Johnson, video artist Clio Simon and composer Pierre-Yves Macé. With Jean-Baptiste Rubin, she sets up the experimental duo "Bi-Ki? which, with Jean-Luc Guionnet, produces an album on the edge of happening and field recording, "Quelque chose au milieu" (2016). She collaborates on several occasions with the ensemble Dedalus, takes part in the improvised minimalist trio "Abdou Dang Orins" and records in 2022 the very free jazz disc "Sources" with guitarist Raymond Boni.

Sakina Abdou plays in

Sakina Abdou




Sakina Abdou / Marta Warelis / Toma Gouband


Ingrid Laubrock et le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix






Flumunda - Christian Pruvost [Création 2022]


Le Cercle // Muzzix [Création 2021]


Radiolarians - Michael Pisaro-Liu [Création 2021]


Le Bonheur


Bi-Ki ?


Le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix


Ciné-concert de papier


Moondog Madrigals [Création 2014]

Discographie :

Level crossing (2023)

Goodbye Ground


Radiolarians de Michael Pisaro-Liu


Lescence / Gmatique

Round the World of Sound

Quelque chose au milieu ?




Muzzix is a collective composed of 30 musicians and based in Lille (northern France). It supports each year many artistic projects going from contemporary jazz to experimental and improvised musics, performed in many various ways, from solo to full orchestra, from concerts to installations or performances.


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