Des pieds et des mains

Improvisations en altitude de Ivann Cruz

 Photographie : © Ivann Cruz
Photographie : © Ivann Cruz

In August 2021, as part of a walking tour, Ivann Cruz proposes a musical improvisation on electric guitar inspired by his sensitive experience of hiking during the day: the tensions of physical effort, the emptiness and the reliefs, the textures of the soils, the flora, the colors of the panoramas, the silences and the rumors, and the place of the refuge.

These improvisations take place near or in the stage huts on an autonomous amplified device (amp and effects pedals) at the end of the day. By carrying his equipment on the paths between each refuge, accompanied by a guide, Ivann Cruz wishes to invent musical forms inspired by the spaces crossed. He thus shares the experience of the hiker and goes to meet him in unexpected places to offer him musical impromptus.

During the summer of 2022, he repeats the adventure with Peter Orins from August 14 to 24, 2022:
- walk and night in the hut on August 15 with recordings (sound recordings outside and improvisation recorded inside without audience)
- walk and concert on August 17 at the refuge of Chabournéou
- walk and concert on August 18 at the Vallonpierre refuge and return walk the next day.
- climb with Guillaume (guide) on August 20 to the Font Turbat refuge for three days of residence
- concerts on August 22 and 23 in the evening and descent in the valley on August 24.

The stage of residence in the refuge of Font Turbat will be the strong time and the culmination of their course where they will realize on several days of recordings in natural environment in the surroundings. This musical itinerancy will lead to the production of a recording that will testify of this singular experience.

Ivann Cruz (electric guitare, pedals, field recording), Peter Orins (drums), Guillaume Chapron (montain guide)

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Crédit photo : © Ivann Cruz

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