Ces membres de Muzzix font partie de Kaze : Peter Orins, Christian Pruvost.

Les membres de ce quartet international partagent un appétit insatiable pour l’expérimentation sonore, une énergie et un enthousiasme débordants.
Mélodique, abstrait, mystérieux, beau, audacieux, Kaze délivre un free jazz créatif et puissant.
Satoko Fujii (piano), Natsuki Tamura (trompette), Christian Pruvost (trompette), Peter Orins (batterie)

En janvier et février 2020, le quartet entame un nouveau projet de quintet avec la célèbre improvisatrice Ikue Mori (électronique). Retrouvez leur performance au Festival Sons d’Hiver #29 mise à l’honneur par France Musique.

Another superb jazz-qua-jazz concert was played by the Japanese/French quartet Kaze. Pianist Satoko Fujii was a real surprise – her monstrous keyboard technique uses every inch of available space to create a harmonic and textural framework for the other players, trumpeters Natsuki Tamura and Christian Pruvost, plus drummer Peter Orins. The dynamics were defined by a great mix of quiet extended technique weirdness and free blowing passages that emphasised the unusual qualities of the line-up. Never heard anything quite like it, and their new disc Uminari (Circum-Libra) is excellent.
(About Kaze at FIMAV 2015) – Byron Coley, The Wire

From another double-up angle, the rarely heard sound of two trumpets collaborating, interweaving and cross-talking is at the center of the group Kaze, whose penultimate set of the festival was also one of the high points of the overall program. Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and her husband, trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, teamed up with musicians from Lille, France—trumpeter Christian Pruvost and drummer Peter Orins—five years ago, and formed this unique, bass-less quartet. The quartet has honed a strong distinctive group sound over the course of three albums, and at FIMAV, the set list slalomed from structured parts to an increasingly free-spirited abandon, as the musicians felt freer than usual to dispense with rules of conduct or even standard practice on their instruments. For the record, they did navigate a few chord changes, here and there, on the way “out”.
(About Kaze at FIMAV 2015) – Josef Woodard, Downbeat

This year’s edition of Victoriaville was perhaps the strongest I have attended—this was my fifteenth FIMAV in a row—and Sunday’s performance by Kaze, the quartet of pianist Satoko Fujii, trumpeters Natsuki Tamura and Christian Pruvost, and drummer Peter Orins was my favorite of the concerts presented this year. As impressive as the music itself and the musical techniques, particularly the extended techniques of Tamura and Pruvost, was the control over the very sound of the instruments and the way the air moved in the room. Fujii’s piano playing was impressive, and Orin’s colorings were in perfect synch with her. Not only that, but the music was really quite humorous, Tamura letting out his comedic side with a section employing small instruments, including a pig squeeze toy that he used to great effect—the effect in aid of the music, and not as a side dish or gimmick.
(About Kaze at FIMAV 2015) – Mike Chamberlain, All About Jazz

This was fantastic jazz at its most exciting !
(About Kaze at FIMAV 2015) – Byron Coley, exclaim.ca

Intense and playful, down-to-earth and international, Kaze communicates in a musical language of contrasts and continuity.
Virginia Schaefer, JazzTimes

Satoko Fujii : http://www.satokofujii.com/eindex
Natsuki Tamura : http://natsukitamura.com/

Retrouvez les albums de Kaze sur le site de Circum-disc.

5e album - Sand Storm (2020)
4e album - Atody Man (2018)
3ème album - Uminari (2015)
2ème album - Tornado (2013)
1er album - Rafale (2011)

Muzzix est un collectif d’une trentaine de musiciens basé à Lille. Il porte chaque année de nombreux projets artistiques allant du jazz contemporain aux musiques expérimentales et improvisées sous des formes très variées allant du solo au grand orchestre, du concert à l’installation sonore ou la performance.

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