Sortie de livre | Autour des musiques improvisées & expérimentales

The Practice of Musical Improvisation (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020)

Sous la direction de Bertrand Denzler & Jean-Luc Guionnet

Extraits de dialogues avec des musiciens-improvisateurs, par ordre
chronologique :

Thomas Charmetant, Pascal Battus, Patrick McGinley, Matt Davis, Phil
Durrant, Ross Lambert, Seymour Wright, Rhodri Davies, Mark Wastell,
Eddie Prévost, Kazushige Kinoshita, Taku Unami, Tim Goldie, Mattin,
Angharad Davies, Morphogenesis (Adam Bohman + Clive Graham + Clive Hall
+ Michael Prime), Frédérick Galiay, Quentin Dubost, John Butcher, Ninh
Lê Quan, Evan Parker, Axel Dörner, Phil Minton, Xavier Charles, Daunik
Lazro, Amanda Stewart, Philip Samartzis, Marc Baron, Stéphane Rives,
Radu Malfatti, Robin Hayward, Andrea Neumann, Clare Cooper, Diego Chamy,
Klaus Filip, Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Dixon, Will Guthrie, Clayton Thomas,
Jérôme Noetinger, Olivier Benoit, Frédéric Blondy, Loïc Blairon, Stevie
Wishart, Seijiro Murayama, Edward Perraud, Sophie Agnel, Burkhard Beins,
Christine Abdelnour, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Pierre-Antoine Badaroux,
Annette Krebs.
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“The Practice of Musical Improvisation is not a treatise on
improvisation, but an investigation into its axioms and stakes, a series
of interrogations of its main contemporary suspects. It thus proposes a
set of endogenous discourses, firmly rooted in practice, and whose
diversity is the only force capable of revealing the process of
– Matthieu Saladin, Artist, Musician, and Associate Professor in Sound
Art, University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint Denis, France

“Filled with poetic and provocative thoughts culled from a wealth of
interviews with creative practitioners, this book offers substantive
grist for the discursive mill of improvisation studies. Key ontological
and epistemological questions arise, but the experiential dimension of
how improvisation feels shines through most clearly in these engaging
pages. Initially not having the speaker’s name attached to their words
may feel disorienting, but it allows the ideas to swirl around
untethered from the personalities who conjured them and offers the
initiated reader a chance to guess who said what.”
– David Borgo, Professor and Chair, Department of Music, University of
California, San Diego, USA

“Nearly forty years ago, Derek Bailey published Improvisation : Its
Nature and Practice in Music, which explored musical improvisation
through interviews with a wide range of practitioners. Denzler
and Guionnet’s The Practice of Musical Improvisation renews Bailey’s
project, gathering illuminating and candid remarks from some of the most
prominent improvisers working today. The book delves deeply into the
creative process, the practice of listening and their social and
political contexts, revealing the complexity and joy of improvised music.”
– Christoph Cox, Professor of Philosophy at Hampshire College, USA, and
author of Sonic Flux : Sound, Art, and Metaphysics (2018)

Muzzix est un collectif d’une trentaine de musiciens et musiciennes basé à Lille. Il porte chaque année de nombreux projets artistiques allant du jazz contemporain aux musiques expérimentales et improvisées sous des formes très variées allant du solo au grand orchestre, du concert à l’installation sonore ou la performance.

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