LUN19H : Bobby Bradford Quartet

Monday 30 January 2017 à 19h00

la malterie, Lille (59)

42 rue Kuhlmann, entrée côté bd Victor Hugo

Bobby Bradford ne pourra malheureusement venir en Europe pour des raisons de santé mais ses 3 partenaires maintiennent la tournée. Le concert aura donc bien lieu en trio avec Vinny Golia (sax), Bernard Santacruz (bass), Cristiano Calcagnile (drums).

It begins to know: Bobby Bradford haunts contemporary history of jazz.

First partner of Ornette Coleman, core [beating heart] of the Los Angeles scene in the 60s, American pilgrim among the new European improvised music scenes since the 70s, source of inspiration for generations of adventurers in sound and musical constructions... Bobby Bradford will finally tour in Europe with his own band.
On this tour, he will be joined by Vinny Golia, a longtime teammate (and a student of John Carter), and by Bernard Santacruz and Cristiano Calcagnile: a rhythmic section of «foolish surveyors», often involved in transatlantic alliances.
This international quartet reveals an orchestral, magic formula dear to the cornetist, recently illustrated by the release of a previously unissued recording, co-directed with his alter ego John Carter (No U Turn. Live in Pasadena, 1975, Dark Tree Records).

Bobby Bradford (trumpet), Vinny Golia (sax), Bernard Santacruz(bass), Cristiano Calcagnile (drums)

Bobby Bradford & Vinny Golia - Photo : © Chuck Koton

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