Flumunda by Christian Pruvost [Creation 2022]

A piece for octet and tape - Commissioned by Le Vivat

Ces membres de Muzzix font partie de Flumunda by Christian Pruvost [Creation 2022] : Sakina Abdou, Sébastien Beaumont, Ivann Cruz, Barbara Dang, Peter Orins, Christian Pruvost.

Spending time regularly at Le Vivat since September 2020 as an associated composer, the trumpetist Christian Pruvost roamed the territory and registered the sounds surrounding him. He got inspired to write Flumunda, a piece commissioned by Le Vivat, and composed it for an ensemble of 8 musicians and tape.


The river is multiple, it intermingles with other waterways, crossed by currents that clash and then join, sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous, sometimes wild, sometimes channelled, it follows its course.

Flumunda represents the flow of the river, the waterway, the Lys.

Its an ode to nature, presented in 8 sequences with varied atmospheres, oscillating between contemplative moments, psychoacoustic phenomena due to microtonality and poetic texts carried by heady, minimal and tribal music. To link them, Christian Pruvost uses an electroacoustic tape from phonographies that crosses the work and evokes soundscapes, embracing the audience to immerse them in the sounds of the river and the more or less natural elements that surround it. Texts by Thomas Suel nourish the piece and establish an intimate relationship with rivers, our relationship with them and, more broadly, a reflection on our link to nature. Punctuated by testimonies of workers working around the Lys or by extracts from news reports, the work deals with themes such as water pollution or nature reclaiming its rights, which weave links with the music and feed the audience’s imagination.

Artistic team

Christian Pruvost Composition, artistic direction – Trumpet, electronics
Sakina Abdou Saxophones, flutes
Sébastien Beaumont Guitar
Ivann Cruz Guitar
Barbara Dang Keyboard
Xuan Mai Dang Voice, flutes, electronics
Maryline Pruvost Voice, flutes
Peter Orins Drums, electronics
Alex Noclain Sound
Claire Lorthioir Lights


Production Muzzix (59)
Co-production Le Vivat d’Armentières, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national art et création (59)


Premiere April 8th 2022 | Le Vivat
Available from season 2022-2023
October 20-21st and November 9-10th 2022: rehearsals at Le Vivat
January 17>21st and March 22>24th mars 2022: residencies at Le Vivat
April 4>8th 2022: residency on stage at Le Vivat

Muzzix is a collective composed of 30 musicians and based in Lille (northern France). It supports each year many artistic projects going from contemporary jazz to experimental and improvised musics, performed in many various ways, from solo to full orchestra, from concerts to installations or performances.


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